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Time Capsule
 Vintage Personalized Wristwatches & the Stories They Tell

"You never actually own a watch...You merely look after it for the next generation" **

**  Thank you, Patek Philippe

What are Time Capsule Watches?

They are vintage personalized timepieces engraved with the original owner’s name & other information enabling me to uniquely identify, research, and (hopefully) return them to the owner’s family.

Most belonged to servicemen (WW1 / WW2) or athletes, but there are also watches owned by an Alaska Gold Rush pioneer; an aviatrix friend of Amelia Earhart; and a notorious 1930’s St. Paul gangster.

Click through the menu above. Enjoy the stories -- and watches -- of these remarkable people!

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 Returning Star Athlete Pete Burge’s Watch to LSU

Dennis "Pete" Burge (1913–1978) was a three-sport star athlete at Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1933–1934. Pete was a starter on the football, basketball, and track teams. His 1933 LSU track team was crowned the NCAA National Collegiate Champions.

The team was rewarded with 14k white gold Gruen wristwatches, custom engraved with their names (“D. F. Burge”) ~ “LSU ~ National Track Champions ~ 1933”

His watch was gifted to LSU “super fan” Shane Wells in March.

Click below to read his story:

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WW1 Military Watches

hatch - ww1 menu 2.jpg
buehler - ww1 menu.jpg
bump - ww2 menu 2.jpg
keller - ww1 menu.jpg

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WW2/Cold War Military Watches

manecke - ww2 menu.jpg
breese - ww2 menu 2.jpg
thomer - ww2 menu 2.jpg
holux - WW2 menu 3.jpg
cinfici - ww2 menu 2.jpg
whitehead - ww2 menu.jpg
masuda - ww2 menu.jpg
case - ww2 menu 3.jpg
salvoni - ww2 menu 2.jpg
scott - ww2 menu.jpg
sigman - ww2 menu 2.jpg
murphy - ww2 menu.jpg

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Athletes Watches

burge - athletes menu.jpg
millington -athletes menu.jpg
robinson - athletes menu.jpg
schmitt - athletes menu.jpg
regnier - athletes menu.jpg
gentry - athletes menu.jpg
young - athletes menu 2.jpg

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Presentation/Personal Watches

lutro - presentation menu.jpg
lackner - presentation menu.jpg
sizer - presentation menu.jpg
Mckenzie - Presentation menu 3.jpg
roisner - prsentation menu.jpg
pacini - presentation menu 2.jpg
foster - presentation menu.jpg
allen - presentation menu.jpg
riley - presentation menu.jpg

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The Time Capsule Collection of Vintage Watches
Bob Stokes 

about me - collectibles 2.jpg

"You never actually own a merely look after it for the next generation"

I have spent my entire life collecting something. 1950s baseball cards (yup, I had all the Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays cards...) -- and of course my Mom threw them all out when I went to college.  Over the next fifty years, that morphed into Victorian Furniture, Victor Talking Machines / Nipper collectibles, 19th Century Advertising; Opera memorabilia – and finally, vintage personalized wristwatches. 

Why? First, through the miracle of the Internet, the lives of the original owners have have been documented and preserved -- military heroes; athletes; community leaders. Second, each watch is unique -- it is the only one in the world. If you don't buy it, no amount of money can get it for you. And third, when I research the owner's family, I can return it to them for posterity. 

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I'm still building my Time Capsule website -- I have over 60 watches to document. Please let me know what you think about this initial group of vintage personal watches -- particularly if you have more information about any of them....

Thanks!  Bob 

Thanks for submitting!

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