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"You never actually own a watch...You merely look after it for the next generation" *

* Thank you, Patek Philippe....

New Stories -- December 2020: 

Click <WW2 /Cold War> menu above for the final update to my WW2 Holux watch inscribed with the names of six courageous Air Force pilots (three of whom were Killed-In-Action). B-17 co-pilot and POW Lt Donald Kitzman was the last survivor – he passed away on March 19, 2020. They all started pilot training together (Class 44-A-3) in April 1943 at Santa Ana CA.  I bought this watch in 2015 – and it took me five years to research their stories, contact their families, and return the watch to the nephew of pilot Benjamin Brew. 

Seventy-five years after the end of WW2, all six pilots are finally together again.  Let us never forget their heroism -- charter members of the Greatest Generation!

WW1 Trench Watches

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WW2/Cold War Military Watches

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Athletes Watches

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Presentation/Personal Watches

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The Time Capsule Collection of Vintage Watches

Bob Stokes 

I have spent my entire life collecting something.  It naturally started out with 1950s baseball cards (yup, I had all the Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays cards...) -- and of course my Mom threw them all out when I went to college.  Over the next fifty years, that morphed into Victorian Furniture, Victor Talking Machines / Nipper collectibles, 19th Century Advertising; Opera memorabilia – and finally, vintage personalized wristwatches.

I'm still building my Time Capsule website -- I will be continuing to add new stories from my 40+ watch collection....so please keep coming back!

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I'm still building my Time Capsule website -- I have over 40 watches to document. Please let me know what you think about this initial group of vintage personal watches -- particularly if you have more information about any of them....
Thanks!  Bob