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Tec4 Arthur Henry Salvoni Biography-1

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Arthur Henry "Hank" Salvoni (1924 - 1967) & His Gothic JarProof Watch

Hank Salvoni (1924 – 1967) was the top Non Commissioned Officer in his WW2 4025th Signal Corp unit. He served in the South Pacific, including New Guinea, Philippines, and Japan. Hank’s unit was not only responsible for all telecommunications, but were also part of the dangerous jungle combat patrols.

He purchased his rugged Gothic “JarProof” watch upon enlisting in 1943, and had it carefully engraved with his name and Army Service Number (“A. H. Salvoni ~ 19185633”). It is well-worn, but in excellent condition after 75 years; it keeps perfect time for 30 hours.

Hank was born and raised in the Sunset District of San Francisco.  Upon his return from four years of active duty, Hank helped his parents manage their delicatessen until 1952.  He married Winnie Sexton in 1955. While continuing his college education, he began his career in sales with McKesson-Robbins and  Brown-Forman.  In 1960, he became a registered financial representative with a leading San Francisco brokerage firm.

Hank's watch was returned to his daughter Vicki in April 2020. She (and her sister Pam) never knew about their Dad's watch. And they were thrilled to have it back in the family!

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