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Ronnie Ralph Pacini Biography-1

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Ronald Ralph Pacini -- 1940s Child Actor "Ronnie Ralph"

Ronald Ralph Pacini (1933 - ) was a childhood Hollywood actor from 1945 – 1950; his stage name was “Ronnie Ralph”.  He was born in 1933; this Lanco  tank watch was presented to him by his parents at age 12 in honor of his first movie role – a cameo in the 1945 WW2 feature "The House I Live In”, starring Frank Sinatra. The watch is carefully engraved with his name, address, phone number, and date: "Ronnie R Pacini ~ 3424 Las Palmas Ave ~  Glendale, 8, CA ~  C.H. 9-1853 ~ 1945”.


Ronnie appeared in at least eight films between 1945 and 1950; his most famous roles were Danny (the Jewish boy) in "The House I Live In" and young Sam Wainwright in Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  He graduated from Hollywood Professional High School in 1951, and from the University of Southern California in 1955.  Ronnie married Dona Jean Ross (1935-2001) in 1957, and had two children, John and Julie.

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