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Michael W. Keller Biography

Michael Keller Watch - Bio1.jpg

Seaman 2nd Class Michael W. Keller

1918 Illinois Trench Watch

Overview: Michael Walter Keller (1893 - 1980) was born in Duluth, MN. He registered for WW1 service in June 1917, and was drafted into the Navy in April 1918. Michael received basic training at Fort Logan, TX, and then joined his ship as a “Seaman 2nd Class”. In 1918, he purchased this sterling silver Illinois trench watch, engraved “M. W. Keller ~ Duluth ~ U.S.A.” 

Michael moved to Milwaukee around 1917 to work as typesetter at H.C. Miller Company. He married Margaret Murphy in 1920, and they raised two sons and a daughter.  This watch was purchased in 2018 by an eBay seller at an estate sale of his son Richard.

From Keller's Obituary (written by a nephew.....)

"Born Michael Kubicki to John and Mary (Ignasiak) Kubicki on August 28, 1893, he grew up in Duluth, Minnesota.... Michael was man of medium height and build. He had brown eyes and dark brown hair (when he had hair, I only remember his as being bald). He was a Typesetter at a print company in Duluth, MN in April 1910. He moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 1917, and was a compositor for the H.C. Miller printing company

Michael married Margaret C. Murphy in Wisconsin in 1920, and, at Margaret's suggestion, changed his name to Keller after he married (she didn't like the last name Kubicki.) 

Michael served in World War I. He died at Veterans Hospital, Wood, Wisconsin (West Allis, WI) on October 16, 1980. He was also a member of St. Joseph's Benevolent Society Mother of Good Counsel Branch.


He is the dear father of Robert (Alyce) Keller, Arline (Benjamin) Henkel, and Richard (Charlotte) Keller. Also surviving him is his sister, Florence Leslie; 10 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild; and nieces, nephews, and other relatives and friends. 

Michael and his wife Margaret (1893 - 1971) are buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in West Allis, WI."


"Dear Michael, the family left behind has got precious memories of your dear life and your beautiful and free spirit, memories that accompany them, making them smile in good times and helping them through the times that are rough. May you just watch them lovingly and rest in eternal peace in the brightest place of all. God bless you and yours, dear Michael."   Left by Edda Meinikat on 31 May 2010

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