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Arthur Lutro Biography-1

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In 1947, Lutro was selected as President of the Fairbanks Pioneers of Alaska Igloo No.4, and was honored with a 14k gold Lord Elgin wristwatch, inscribed “Arthur Lutro ~ Pres. Igloo No.4 ~ Pioneers of Alaska ~ 1947”.

Arthur's watch was returned in March 2021 to his two grandsons, David and Mark Young. 

Arthur Lutro: Alaska Gold Rush Pioneer

Arthur Lutro (1895–1960) and his family were true Alaska Gold Rush pioneers. His father, Arne Lutro, emigrated from Norway to Washington State in 1886 (where Arthur was born). Arne left his family in 1897 to join the thousands of prospectors who crossed the treacherous Chilkoot Pass to search for Yukon gold. Much of Arthur’s young adulthood were spent working gold mining claims with his father and uncles.

In 1900, Arne’s wife, daughter Ariana, and Arthur trekked via boat and train to Dawson to join him; the family settled in a log cabin at a gold mine camp on the Eldorado Creek. In 1902, after moving his family to Dawson, Arne joined the Fairbanks Gold Rush, and claimed a successful stake at Dome Creek near Ruby, AK.

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