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Lt. John P. Sigman Biography-1

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Pilot Lt. John Sigman -- 1942 Guadalcanal Hero

Lt. John Phillip Sigman (1918-2004) was a WW2 Marine pilot in the famed VMF-212 “Hell Hounds” squadron, who fought to defend Guadalcanal in the Fall of 1942. As part of the Cactus Air Force, they flew Grumman F4F Wildcats and shot down over 60 Japanese planes; Sigman was credited with at least four kills.

Prior to being stationed in the South Pacific in 1942, Lt. Sigman purchased an Elgin wristwatch, and engraved his name, “John P. Sigman” on the case back. He also replaced the leather band with a steel Gemex “The Captain” band, and had a small Marines Eagle, Globe, & Anchor insignia welded to it.

Lt. Sigman earned five Distinguished Flying Crosses (DFCs) and eleven Air Medals for participating in more than 70 flights against the Japanese while serving in Guadalcanal, Guam, Manilla & China.

John Sigman was a career Marine, retiring as a Colonel in 1967. Col. Sigman died on June 23, 2004, and was buried in Warrenton VA with full military honors.

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