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Pierre (Pete) Regnier Biography 1- NFL Pioneer 

Pete Regnier -- NFL Pioneer

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U of Minnesota Star 1919-1920 

 Minneapolis Marines 1921  ~  Green Bay Packers 1922


Dr. Pierre (Pete) Regnier was a Minneapolis football legend, at both the college and professional level.  The year 2020 is the NFL's 100th Anniversary, and Pete Regnier played an  interesting part in its early history. 


He was a star halfback / quarterback on the 1918-1920 University of Minnesota football team; a halfback in 1921 with the professional Minneapolis Marines (American Professional Football Association -- soon to be renamed the NFL); and a backfield teammate of the legendary Curly Lambeau on the 1922 Green Bay Packers.

As a footnote to Packer history, Regnier was a member of the Minneapolis Marines when, on Oct 23, 1921, the Packers defeated them 7– 6 for their first APFA / NFL victory. Curly Lambeau was so impressed with Pete's performance that he signed him for the Packers first full NFL season in 1922.

Pete retired after just one year with the Packers, and “Doc Regnier” became a successful dentist and prominent amateur golfer.  He married Gladys Jamesen in 1924; they had one daughter, Mannette (1934 – 2010).

Gladys gave Pete a 14kt gold Hamilton Raleigh watch for Christmas 1932; it is elegantly engraved “Pierre N. Regnier ~ Minneapolis ~ 12-25-1932".  Although not associatted with his athletic career, acquiring his watch provided the opportunity to research Regnier's football legacy.

Pierre died on November 30, 1938 at age 42

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