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Leon "Pete" Milligan (1932-2017) 

Pitcher, 1948 Trenton NJ American Legion Junior Baseball National Champs

Hamilton Dwight model 

Leon “Pete” Millington (1932–2017) was a star 16-year-old high school pitcher for the 1948 National Champion Trenton NJ American Legion junior baseball team. Pete had a tremendous season for his team with a record of 6 – 2, including a critical 2 – 0 shutout of the Belleville IL squad in the semi-final tournament game.

In 1948, there were over 14,000 Junior American Legion teams in the U.S. –  and Trenton emerged as the best team in the nation.

For their victory, each member of the Trenton American Legion team received a custom-engraved 1948 Hamilton Dwight model 10k gold wristwatch: “1948 ~ National Champions ~ Trenton ~ American Legion ~ Junior Baseball Team ~ “Schroths” ~ [L. Millington]”. 

(Trenton American Legion Post 93 was named after WW1 hero Raymond Schroth).

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Leon"Pete" Millington - Biography 1

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