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Dr. Peter Regnier - Research Notes

regnier - ebay listing.jpg

Regnier's watch was absolutely "must buy" eBay purchase. In only took a few minutes to find his WikiPedia article -- and then rest of Dr. Regnier's career just poured out from Google,, and


2020 is being celebrated as the "100th Anniversary of the NFL" (the American Pro Football Association until 1922...). Pete Regnier was one of the NFL pioneer players, and was recruited by the Green Bay Packer's Curly Lambeau to be his backfield mate during their 1st full season in 1922. 


Pete also has the distinction of playing with the Minneapolis Marines when they met on Oct 23, 1921 for Green Bay's first official NFL (APFA) game.

The Hamilton Raleigh watch was a Xmas 1932 present from wife Gladys -- so it had nothing to do with Pete's football career -- but it did spark all my research into an athlete who is a most interesting footnote in NFL and Green Bay history.  The watch itself is a perfect "10" -- it is in excellent condition; runs well, and has its original leather band.

The eBay seller was from Minnesota (Regnier's home state), and the watch was probably sold at some point by one of Mannette Regnier's children after her death in 2010

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