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Pete Regnier's Hamilton Raleigh Watch

1932 Hamilton Raleigh

"In 1930 Hamilton retired most of the original geometric models and introduced a bunch of new replacements that would be made for the next few years.  One of the new models was the Raleigh, produced through 1932.

The Raleigh came in all three gold filled options, green, white or natural yellow.  It came with a luminous dial or an etched numeral dial.  Models came plain or engraved."

Dr. Regnier's timepiece is a plain version of a Hamilton Raleigh in a 14K yellow gold-filled case showcasing an etched gothic numeral dial and a three piece case.  Case measurements are approximately 30mm in width x 40mm. The Raleigh has its original leather watchband. It is powered by a grade 987-F manual hand winding movement with 17 jewels. It cost $50 in 1932 -- the equivalent of $850 in 2020 (!!!)

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