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Pete Milligan - 1948 Hamilton "Dwight" Watch Gallery

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1948 Hamilton Dwight Wristwatch

Each player of the National Championship Trenton Schroths was awarded a custom-engraved Hamilton Dwight 10k gold wristwatch. The "Dwight" model sold for $55 in 1948 -- approximately $660 in 2024 dollars!

"Hamilton has a few "one year wonders" - but not too many....One of the few examples is the 1948 Dwight.  It was only available for a single year. 

The Dwight features a sterling silver dial with a two-tone white & butler finish and solid gold numerals.  

The Dwight came in a 10K gold filled case and it was outfitted with Hamilton's 14/0 sized 17 jewel 980 movement.  If you look closely at the Dwight, it's almost square - so it could be that it was discontinued because Hamilton's "new" 8/0 sized round 747 movement would have been better suited for a design like this."

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