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Arthur Lutro Biography-2

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Arthur Lutro & the Pioneers of Alaska

The Pioneers of Alaska is a fraternal organization that was founded in Nome, Alaska in 1907. It is one of the few Alaska based fraternal organizations still in existence and going strong, with sixteen Igloo chapters statewide.

The purpose of the Pioneers of Alaska is “to preserve the names of all Alaska’s pioneers on its rolls; to collect and preserve the literature and incidents of Alaska’s history; and to promote the best interests of Alaska.

Arthur Lutro joined Igloo No. 5 in Ruby, AK in 1916 when he worked his family's placer mines on the  Poorman Creek. (The Ruby–Poorman lode along the Yukon River produced nearly a half million ounces of gold. Some of the largest gold nuggets found in Alaska are from the district.) In 1942, Arthur settled in Fairbanks, where he joined Igloo No. 4, and was elected its President in 1947.

In 1959 -- just a year before his death -- Lutro was elected President of the Grand Igloo for the entire Pioneers of Alaska.

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