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"Waddy"Young Biography-3: 1942 Army All-Stars


Just as America’s general population rallied behind the United States’ World War II effort, so too did the National Football League.  Hundreds of players joined the effort through enlistment, as the NFL organizationally looked for additional ways to make a difference.

The NFL donated the revenues from eight A
rmy Emergency Relief Series games between NFL teams and military all-star aggregations. The All-Star teams, billed as West Army and East Army All-Stars, faced the Detroit Lions, Brooklyn Dodgers, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cardinals, Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears. The series ended with the All-Stars winning four games and the NFL winning four games.

1942 Army Western All-Stars


Waddy was a member of the 1942 Western “Army All Stars” football team, consisting of both NFL professional players and former college greats. He played in all five exhibition games – against the Packers, Lions, Chicago Cardinals, Giants, and Redskins.  Each member of the Western (and Eastern) team was awarded a Gruen 10K gold watch,  engraved with “Army All Stars 1942” and the player’s name

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