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"Waddy"Young Biography-4: Air Corps Pilot (1of 3)

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Captain Waddy Young: B-24 / B-29 Pilot 


“After the 1940 NFL season, Young volunteered to join the Army Air Corps. He entered flight training in January 1941 and received his wings in August that year from Kelly Field Texas. Flying a B-24 Liberator on an anti-sub patrol in the North Atlantic was his first assignment; the plane attacked one Nazi submarine and shot down two Luftwaffe fighter planes.  After completing his full complement of 25 missions over Europe as the pilot of a B-24, he requested a return to combat.  There, Capt. Young earned the command of an entire squadron of the new B-29 SuperFortresses, based on Saipan.

His B-29 was named "Waddy's Wagon" -- and other than the Enola Gay -- it became the most famous WW2 SuperFortress.

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