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Colonel Frank Whitehead WW1 Hero - 2

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Captain Frank Whitehead - WW1 Battles


From Whitehead Family Member Gale Heslop's book.....

"Only a handful of Americans truly understand...what those brave, young, inexperienced Devil Dogs (nickname for U.S. Marines) accomplished during World War I in a very short period of time....To say that the world looked extremely bleak to the Allies in late May 1918 would be a gross understatement. Then, in early June 1918, the...Marines enter the fray. As if some Hollywood screenwriter has dreamed up this far-fetched scenario, the Marines magically stop the German advance and save Paris.

During 1918, Frank Whitehead serves along the Western 5th Regiment’s Headquarters Company until he is wounded at Belleau Wood on June 6th. From June 23rd onward, he is skipper of the 67th Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.

Capt. Whitehead fights in each of their five major engagements: June 3-6 at the defense of Les Mares Farm and the assault on Belleau Wood; July 18 at Soissons; September 10-15 at St. Mihiel,....October 4 in “The Box” at Blanc Mont Ridge; and the last night of the war, November 10-11, during the Meuse River crossing."

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