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Colonel Frank Whitehead WW1 Hero - 3

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Captain Frank Whitehead - WW1 Medals & Honors

Captain Whitehead served with distinction with the Fifth Marines in France during the First World War, participating in all five major engagements [Belleau Wood, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Blanc Mont, Meuse-Argonne]. He was twice wounded in action and was awarded the Navy Cross, Croix-de-Guerre with Gold Star, and the Army Distinguished Service Cross.

Whitehead's medals were presumably sold after his death in 1950, and are currently in a private collection. They were photographed for the cover of George Clark's book, "Decorated Marines of the Fourth Brigade in World War I."

Official 5th Marine Regiment Commendation

for Whitehead’s Navy Cross:

“Displayed unusual bravery, coolness and devotion to duty near St. Etienne, 4 October 1918.  Although severely wound while attacking an enemy strong point this officer displayed exceptional bravery, and coolness in leading his men, in selecting advanced machine gun sites, and in turning machine guns on the retreating enemy while under very heavy hostile machine gun and artillery fire.”

Book no.1
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