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Colonel Frank Whitehead WW1 Hero - 1

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Captain Frank Whitehead - WW1 Hero


From Whitehead Family Member Gale Heslop's book.....

"Frank Whitehead, USMC, is one of the very, very few “old-timer” Marine veterans who participated in all five Marine campaigns of WWI – from the horrors of the Marines’ inaugural fight at Belleau Wood to their final suicidal push across the Meuse River in the face of certain death on the eve of the Armistice."

"Whitehead was no chateau commander. He was a Marine’s Marine. He scouted alone in enemy territory. He led his men in battle. He suffered in the mud and muck, up to his leatherneck, right alongside his Lads. He gave them money when they had not been paid. He gave them his blanket when they had none. He would not eat until his Lads had eaten. He bought them food when the chow wagon failed to show. He loved his Lads and they loved him. This mutual respect and affection comes across in numerous remembrances cited in this book. One of his former Lads even wrote to two sitting U.S. Presidents singing Whitehead’s praise and petitioning yet another decoration for his beloved, former skipper."

"Frank Whitehead was extremely brave in war. In return, America honored him with every military award except the Medal of Honor..."

Book no.1
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