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Elgin Model 6606G Watch Gallery

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Lt. Sigman's watch was expertly repaired by master Elgin watchmaker Bryan Girouard of Crandall, TX

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1942 Elgin Model 6606G 

"Elgin Servicemen Watches"

Before departing to the South Pacific in May 1942, Lt. John Sigman purchased a 15 jewel Elgin Model 6606G wristwatch at the local PBX for $39.50 (about $750 in 2022).  It was powered by an Elgin 532 movement (Serial #C717466). The Elgin featured a stainless steel case, a sweep-second dial, and a luminous dial. On the back case, it was custom engraved, "John P. Sigman". 

Sigman swapped the original leather strap for a stainless steel Gemex "The Captain" watch bracelet. "The Captain was developed by a Captain of the U.S. Navy...It is designed for wear under the severe climate conditions of the South Pacific...". 

Elgin watches were directly advertised for Servicemen, as you will note scrolling through the Gallery below: 

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Dear Ted and Tom,


You recently repaired and restored an 80-year-old Hamilton Wilshire watch for Bob Stokes. 


The watch is inscribed “Col. Frank Whitehead / U.S.M C / Staff A.I.C. / 12.23.’41”.  It was presented to the Colonel by the staff of the Army Industrial College after the graduation of the final class immediately after America entered WWII.  Col. Whitehead was the last pre-war Commandant of AIC, and he retired from the Corps at the rank of Brigadier General on January 1, 1946 – the day before I was born.  Significantly, he was my cousin.


After Bob Stokes acquired the watch and somehow (amazingly) learned that I was related to its original wearer, he sent the watch to you for repair and restoration; he and I have been communicating regularly since early February.  Today, I received from Bob what appears to be a brand new Hamilton Wilshire watch.


On behalf of my Family and its generations yet to come, I cannot thank you enough for your expert craftsmanship in repairing and restoring my cousin’s watch, and to Bob for sending it back to its Family.  Should I or anyone I know (especially all my Texas Friends!) ever require watch repairs, rest assured that The Watch Doc will be the first call made.  You truly perform “watch miracles”.


Thanks again & best regards,


Gale Heslop

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