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John V. Schmitt - Regatta & Olympic Champion - Biography 4

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John Schmitt -

Other Rowing Accomplishments

John was a very successful Philadelphia rowing competitor. From 1925 through the 1928 Olympics, Schmitt rowed for the Pennsylvania Barge Club; in 1929/30, he joined the Bachelors Barge Club

  • Schmitt rowed for the Penn Barge Club in the 1925 Peoples Regatta and won the "Intermediate eight-oared Shell" competition in front of 15,000 spectators

  • In May 1927, ​Schmitt and his Senior 4-Oared Shell won the American Henley Cup / Puritan Challenge Cup, setting a record time of 7 minutes 5 seconds on the Schuylkill course

  • ​Schmitt and his Senior 4-Oared Shell crew won their at the National Regatta on Boston's Charles River in August 1930

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