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Tec4 Arthur Henry Salvoni Biography-3

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You never actually own a watch...You merely look after it for the next generation"

Hank Salvoni's Career, Family, & Return of his Watch

Hank married Winnie Mae Sexton on August 19, 1955. They had two daughters, Victoria and Pamela, and lived in San Francisco. In 1960, Hank joined the investment firm of Schwabacher & Co. as a registered representative, and became their San Francisco office branch manager. He began having heart problems in the mid-1960s, and tragically died at age 42 of a heart attack in 1967. Winnie passed away in 2016.

Before purchasing Hank's watch in March 2020, I found an excellent family tree & photos assembled by daughter Vicki. I was confident that she would be thrilled to have her Dad's watch back, so I bought it - and she was thrilled!

I returned Hank's watch to Vicki in April 2020.

"I'm so over the moon, I can't thank you enough. Seeing this watch makes me feel just like this!.... "

"It is on my wrist. I will sleep with it tonight and see if he visits my dreams! Blessings to you and yours."

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