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Bill Robinson - The Next Mantle? - Biography 4

Riding High in April.....

Robinson's Yankee career started off with a bang on April 11, 1967, with a season-opening two-run homer against the Washington Senators in DC before 44,000 fans -- including the President of the United States! Robinson was being compared not only to Mickey Mantle -- but to the legendary Joe DiMaggio! 

....Shot Down in May

...And that comparison to Joltin' Joe seemingly cursed him for the rest of the season. By the end of May, his batting average was down to .101.  With manager Houk's unfaltering patience and encouragement, Bill Robinson once again reversed his slump and surged to bat .260 in the second half of the 1967 campaign with seven home runs, and 29 RBIs.  Robinson remained the Yankees’ fourth outfielder through 1969.


(Click button below to view Daily News' story "See Robby as the Dark DiMag -- and note the racist overtones) 

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