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Bill Robinson - The Next Mantle? - Biography 5

...I'm going to pick myself up & get back in the race....

Bill was traded to the White Sox in 1970. After 3 minor league seasons, Bill was traded to the Phillies in 1973, a move which rejuvenated his career. 1973 was Bill's best season so far; at age 30 he batted .288 and hit 25 home runs.  

In 1975, Robinson was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and finally achieved his stardom. In 1976, he had a .303 batting average for the Pirates with 64 RBIs and 21 home runs, and was the team's most valuable player. 1977 was Robinson's career year with the Pirates. Bill posted career highs with 26 home runs 104 runs batted and a .304 batting average. He finished his career in 1979 with the Pirates by helping them to win the World Series, and getting five hits in the Series. 

In 1984, Robinson began his Major League coaching career with the NY Mets, and helped the "Miracle Mets" to win the 1986 World Series. From 1990 thru 2002, Bill was a minor league coach and manager; he returned to the majors with the 2003 Miami Marlins, and was the hitting coach on their World Series winning team. 


Bill Robinson was the Met's 1st Base Coach for the 1986 World Series -- look at his reaction when Bill Buckner's infamous 10th inning error allows the Mets to win Game 6:

robinson - 1973 phillies photo.jpg
robinson - 1979  pirates photo.jpg
robinson - mets coach photo.jpg
robinson - Marlins coach 2.jpg

*** Thanks to the Laurens County GA African American History Museum for this information.....

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