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Gothic "JarProof" Watch Gallery

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 Gothic Jarproof Watch Co.

The Gothic Jarproof Watch Co. was founded in 1925 and registered in 1926 at 37 W 57th Street, New York City. They were a small producer at best. 

It produced a special kind of watches, capable of sustaining a 'jar' (or blow). 'Jar-proof' was registered as a trade mark at the same time as "Gothic Watch Co." In order to prove to an awed public the robustness of the watch , one is said to have been tossed off the roof of an eleven-story house. Allegedly, the watch survived this rough treatment and lived happily ever after. (If this test is real, it probably set the pattern for Timex's highly successful advertising in the 1950s and 60s.)

What, then, was the watch's secret, affording it survival after such a heavy blow?  The balance staff of a watch is seated between two bearings. In high-grade watches these bearings are made of jewels, allowing as little friction as possible, and positioning it exactly.

Notice the Gothic Watch ad below directly targeting Army soldiers!  

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