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Arthur Lutro Biography-5

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I returned the watch to David in March 2021.  He is going to present it to his older brother, David, as a belated 65th birthday gift. 

Arthur Lutro's Watch

Returned to Grandsons David & Mark Young

I was able to contact Arthur's grandson David Young via

"My name is David Young, and I am the grandson of Arthur Lutro. I don't remember him as I only met him once, for less than a day, when I was two years old.

My mother Margaret was Arthur's only child. He disappeared from family photo albums around 1930. It was the Depression, he couldn’t find work in Washington state, and his small family was being supported by his wife’s part time job and her small inheritance from a family owned hardware store. So Arthur returned to Alaska to find his fortune.  He did not return. My grandmother eventually obtained a divorce from him in the mid 1930s.

While in college in the late 1940's my mother tracked Arthur down in Alaska and went to visit him. There was a reconciliation of sorts. In 1960, Arthur travelled to California to visit my mother and to see his two young grandsons for the first time. His first night at our house he died of a massive heart attack.

Thank you for the information you've posted about Arthur Lutro--I didn't know about his Alaskan exploits."

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