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Arthur Lutro Biography-3

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North to Alaska: Yukon Gold Fever Videos

The Lutro Family & the Klondike Goldrush

Arne Lutro, Arthur’s father, came to the Klondike gold fields in 1897, and was one of the very few to “strike it rich”. He and his cousins staked a claim on Eldorado Creek – the richest vein in the Yukon – where over $6 million was mined in just the first two years.

Arne’s wife and two children (Arthur and Adriana) joined him in Dawson in 1900. They traveled by steamer to Skagway, by train up the steep White Pass, by boat down Lake Bennett, by rail to Whitehorse, and finally another boat to Dawson.

Arthur returned to Washington for high school and college, returning to Ruby in 1913 to help his family with gold mining. He enlisted in the Army infantry in 1918 for WW1, and then settled back in Washington. In 1925, Arthur married Winifred Davis; daughter Margaret was born in 1928. Arthur rejoined his family in Ruby, AK in 1931 to help with mining and prospecting on the gold-rich Poorman, Spruce, and Long Creeks.

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Thomas Edison's color video of the Alaska Gold Rush.....

An eight-minute video history of the Trek to the Yukon over the Chilkoot Pass...

Book no.1
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