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1933 LSU Football Hero -- "Burge's Miracle Catch"

"LSU enters the annual clash with Tulane with a 6-0-2 record. The Green Wave have won six and lost three and enter the game on a four-game winning streak. The crowd of 31,000 in Tulane Stadium on a beautiful fall day see the game. It started with Tulane's captain, Floyd Roberts…running into the corner of the end zone to make it Tulane 7 - LSU 0.

With five minutes left in the second quarter....Tiger quarterback Abe Mickal whips a 22 yard pass to end Dennis "Pete" Burge. Abe drives over right tackle for 5 yards and a first down on the nine. LSU then goes backwards on two fumbles and a run that loses a yard. It's now 4th down -- "one of the most spectacular individual catching feats in LSU football history".

With less than minute left in the half, Mickal takes the snap from his tailback position, fades back, and fires a line drive that seems destined to sail over the heads of a group of players in the end zone. Suddenly, right behind and between two defensive backs, LSU's Burge, the basketball center using his speed and leg-spring, leaps into the air, pulls the ball in with his right hand, and falls backwards on the ground with the ball securely clutched in his arms. Touchdown LSU!"

Book no.1

Dennis "Pete" Burge - Biography 7

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