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Capt. David A. Breese Biography-3

Lt. David A. Breese: POW 1944 - 1945 & Deployment to Palestine

Lt. Breese did not have the luxury of savoring the successful June 6th sapper raid:

“Eight days later, he was riding a motorcycle… and unsuspectingly rode on into enemy territory. Breese spent the rest of the war as a German POW. During his unscheduled stay, (courtesy of the Germans), in Stalag Vll-A in Moosburg, Germany, he made friends with a senior US air force officer who occupied an adjoining bunk. From the time of their release as POWs, they became 'Lifetime friends across the Pond' maintaining correspondence between each other up until David’s passing in August 2009.


[Airborne Engineers Association--]

Upon his return home when the war ended – and with time still to serve – he joined the 1st Air Borne Squadron Royal Engineers in Palestine as B-Troop Commander.  It provided engineer support to the 6th Airborne Division throughout its deployment in Palestine, and was one of the last units to leave in June 1948.  In May 1947, Breese was promoted to Captain, and purchased his Orator watch to commemorate the promotion.

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British Troops in Palestine 1945 - 1948

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