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John Dwyer: Keeper of Waddy's Legacy - 4

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Waddy Young and his fictional best friend Lance Roark are the main protagonists in John Dwyer's two wonderful novels, Shortgrass and Mustang

John J. Dwyer -- Waddy Young Memorialized (2 of 2)

"Aviation and football legend Waddy, a major character in my historical novel Mustang, was in real life one of the greatest military heroes in Oklahoma history."

"World War II was the greatest cataclysm in history. It reached across the world on land, at sea, and through the air....It is the great crusade into which Oklahoma buddies and college football teammates Lance Roark and Waddy Young plunge as American aviators in my upcoming historical novel Mustang. Many of you met Lance and Waddy in the Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning 2017 novel Shortgrass.

They depict what I have learned, or still ponder, about love and loss, history and heroes, patriotism and war, inner conflict and unanswered questions, the American character, and God.

I hope you will come and follow Lance and Waddy’s exploits. Laugh with them, weep over them, and cheer for them, as I have."


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