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The Return of Lou Cinfici's 1946 Benrus Watch - 1

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Cinfici - eBay Listing.jpg
Finding the Watch on eBay... and Contacting Lou

I purchased Louis Cinfici's Benrus watch in February, 2019 on eBay, after finding a great deal of information about him on the Internet.  The Cinfici family of Reading PA is well-documented, thanks to their extraordinary military service -- four of the six brothers fought in WW2, as well as three of them in Korea and in Vietnam. 

Through my research, I found that 91-year old Lou had recently retired to a senior living community near his hometown of Reading, PA. So one afternoon, I called the facility and tentatively asked the operator, "Is Louis Cinfici still a resident....". She replied "Yes", and (unexpectedly!!!) put me right through to Lou's apartment. I told Lou, "I am a vintage watch collector, and I believe I found your WW2  watch, with your name and Navy Service Number....."  Lou seemed a bit stunned, and then asked, "What's the number?".  I told him -- and he replied "That's me!!!!"  After a long chat, I told him that I would be honored to return the watch to him.

Upon receipt of the watch, Lou contacted the local Reading Eagle newspaper, which was a featured article in their March 11, 2019 paper.

1946 Benrus Watch
This is a 10kt gold Benrus "hooded lugs" watch.  Although it was in bad cosmetic shape, it ran accurately for 24 hours after it first full winding!  The watch had its original leather band, although it was not usable.
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