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Time Capsule Collection - 3

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What is the perfect “Personalized Watch”?

  • The perfect watch has complete provenance – including extensive contemporary information and photos about the watch and its original owner. There may also be video clips.

  • The perfect watch is “all original”, including the original watchband. Ideally, it runs for at least 24 hours accurately when purchased (although I have paid watchmakers handsomely to fix them).

  • The perfect watch has been obviously worn by the original owner – they went to considerable lengths to buy it, and have it engraved, and they were proud to wear it. (Or, they were presented / awarded the watch for exemplary service to their group).  The more worn the watch, the more important it was; very few of my watches are “jewelry box queens” – most have scratches & dents (particularly the military watches).

George J. Hatch's WW1 trench watch is probably the ultimate "Personalized Watch". It is 100% original; the case is inscribed with his name and military branch ("RFC"); his life (and tragic aerial death) are well-documented, including numerous photos and books about "Bloody April 1917"; and the box in which Lt. Hatch's watch was stored for 100 years contains the original handwritten "Killed In Action" note from the British authorities.

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