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Pvt. Paul R. Thomer Biography-5

Paul Thomer & His Family 

Paul returned to Pittsburgh after his 1945 honorable discharge. Using his artistic talent, he became a florist / floral designer. In 1954, Paul married Frances Mary LaRoche in Pittsburgh; in 1956, they moved to southern California, eventually settling in Sylmar (just east of Los Angeles) in 1961. Paul and Frances had five children, four of whom still live in the Los Angeles area.

Paul died on February 16, 1992, and is buried with Frances in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, CA

Returning Paul's Watch

I sent a detailed letter to daughter Deborah in early September, she immediately called me. Deb was, of course, surprised to find out about her Dad's watch, and excited to have it returned to her family. Deb and her husband drove up from LA to my home near Santa Barbara, where I presented the watch to her. She then shared a remembrance book about Paul that one of her sisters had prepared; all his photos in this story are from that book.

Book no.1
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