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Pvt. Paul R. Thomer Biography-3

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Paul Thomer & the Marines in Melbourne 

"Battle-weary and in poor health following the Guadalcanal campaign... the men of the First Marine Division, United States Marine Corps were shipped to Melbourne for nine months recuperation in January 1943. Greeted with warm hospitality, these 15,000 young American men found a ‘home away from home’. They formed enduring friendships with Australian families, and romantic attachments with young Australian women. The First Division Marines arrived in Melbourne as the heroes of Guadalcanal... an elite voluntary fighting force, ‘a breed apart’ from other branches of the American military..."

-- Melbourne City Gallery Program 2010

Pvt. Paul Thomer arrived in Melbourne January, 1943, and purchased his Elgin watch on February 10. By Easter, Paul was obviously very much at home with his new Australian friends..... 

Over-Paid, Over-Sexed, & Over Here?

The 1st Division in Melbourne 1943

Exhibition at the Melbourne City Gallery, Feb - Apr 2010 

The Melbourne City Gallery held a 2010 retrospective of the 1st Division Marine's nine-month recuperation in Melbourne (Jan - Sept 1943). Click City Gallery Program image to view the Program

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Click link to view the Melbourne Gallery Exhibit's "Over-Paid....." video:

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