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Lt. Edward Sizer Research Notes

sizer - eBay listing.jpg

Special thanks to eBay sellers Tom & Maria, who owned Lt. Sizer's Elgin Avigo for many years, and took such great care of the watch!

This is the most expensive Time Capsule watch in my collection, but worth every penny! It is a completely original Elgin Avigo watch with 100% provenance commemorating an important event in US military aviation. The story of  the 1935 "world record" flight, its crew, and the XP3Y-1 plane were fully documented in newspapers, books, and magazines. 


As noted, Lt. Edward Sizer's 40-year Navy career as a radio and electronics officer is completely documented. Beginning in 1921, he was a pioneer in aeronautic communication. 


The watch itself is in excellent "worn" condition, including the original leather band. The exquisite, detailed inscription was hand engraved on the back of a small 30mm case.  Serious watch collectors are very familiar with the Elgin Avigo, and its important role as as one of the first pilot's watch.

And, finally, the XP3Y-1 prototype flying boat is an historic plane -- it was the very first example of the famed WW2 PBY Catalina patrol planes, which served the Allies in both the Pacific and Atlantic as the primary submarine hunter.

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