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Lt. Edward Sizer Biography-3

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Pioneer Flight Radio Officer / Airborne Electronics Expert

Edward joined the Navy in 1921 as radio technician. By 1931, Lt. Sizer was stationed at the Norfolk VA Naval Air Station, where he was a member of the VP-5F Patrol Squadron. Sizer was selected by Lt. Commaner McGinnis as one of two radio operators for the XP3Y-1's 1935 transcontinental flights.

During WW2, Sizer was stationed in Washington as an electronics expert at the Bureau of Aeronautics.  In 1946, he was designated as the Airborne Electronics Liaison Officer for the Bikini Atoll Atom Bomb TestsSizer used his extensive experience to identify and coordinate installation of the electronic  gear necessary for test monitoring of the blast.

Video of the 1946 Bikini Atoll Atom Bomb Tests

Role of the  XP3Y-1 Radio Officers 

The flight radio operator's duties begin when the plane leaves the field, and from then on he keeps a constant radio watch until the wheels of the plane touch the ground.

All the time checks, position reports, weather, & messages from the pilot were handled by the Radio Officer. The Radio Officer in turn transmitted all reports or messages to communication stations, and received & coordinated with Direction Finding stations the aircraft position.

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