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Lt. Monroe Allen Scott Biography-2

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Growing up in Refugio County Texas; Joining the 25th Infantry

Monroe Allen Scott was born on February 24, 1920 to Hezekiah and Eleanor Benson Scott in Refugio County Texas (45 miles north of Corpus Christi). Eleanor was the daughter of Joe Benson, one of Refugio's pioneer ranchers who settled there in 1872. "He and his family were known for their kindness to travelers and strangers... Many free slaves and Indians sought work and shelter on the ranch...". 

Monroe was always an excellent student, and graduated from the Refugio Colored School in 1937 (which only went to the 10th grade). He then enlisted as a Private in the 25th Infantry "Buffalo Soldiers" regiment at Fort Huachuca AZ.  Monroe continued his education by studying to be an Army Clerk, and was quickly promoted from Private to Corporal by 1941 (and is pictured in the 25th Infantry's The Bullet newspaper below).

The local newspaper, the Refugio Timely Remarks, published many articles about Monroe and his family from 1933-1965. (The Texas Historical Society has digitized the newspaper at ). 

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