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Gangster Morris Roisner Biography-2

roisner - 1927 bootlegging
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Morris Roisner 

St. Paul Gangster

Morris Roisner was a partner with Twin Cities politicians & gangsters Big Tom Brown and Leon Gleckman. Though not as notorious as the Capone-led Chicago mobsters, St. Paul was thoroughly corrupt.

In 1927, Roisner was part of a 112-person Federal crackdown on a $1 million national bootlegging ring, and was sentenced to 18 months at the Atlanta Federal Prison for his role.

In 1936, Morris was held as a material witness in the kidnapping of St. Paul beer baron William Hamm.


In June 1937, Morris was convicted of income tax evasion from  1929-1933, and sentenced to 3 years at Leavenworth.

In September 1937, Roisner was indicted for transporting $800,000 of bonds stolen from the Bank of Manhattan.

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