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Bill Robinson - His Story in Baseball Cards.....

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Assembling Bill's Baseball Cards/Photos

Bill's Major League cards (Topps, Fleer, Donruss) are easy to find, and inexpensive -- except for his rare 1968 Topps "3-D", which can sell for over $1000. The regional cards are bit more challenging -- I still haven't found Bill's 1983 Tastykake card...

I couldn't find any baseball cards for Bill's 1961-1966 Minor League career -- just the few photos that are included.

Robbie's Coach / Manager cards (1984-2007) are more difficult to find, and took a lot of searching acquire them. I think that I have managed to collect almost all of them...

Bill Robinson's Detailed Biography

(by Alan Cohen - Society for American Baseball Research)

Book no.1
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