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Pete Regnier Biography 4- Green Bay Packers 

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Green Bay Packers 1922


Doc Regnier was actively recruited by Curley Lambeau to join the Packers for 1922 -- Green Bay's 1st full season in the NFL. Note that article calling him "the big backfielder of the Minneapolis Marines" -- Pete was 5' 11" and 170 pounds (!!!!).

Regnier was a backfield starter with Coach Lambeau, and played in at least five of the Packers' ten games. Regnier did not score any points (Green Bay only scored 8 touchdowns all season). They finished in 7th place with a 4 -3 - 3 record.


Pete retired at the end of the 1922, and returned to school to become a dentist.  Dr. Regnier became a well-known sports and civic leader in Minneapolis until his untimely death in 1938 at age 42.

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