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Lt. Edward Sizer's 1935 Elgin Avigo

1935 Elgin Avigo Model 1458

The Elgin Avigo was introduced in 1929 in response to the incredible public enthusiasm for aviation triggered by Lindbergh’s 1927 flight, and the start of Airmail service, commercial airlines, & private aviation.

Many different dial designs were sold from 1929-1935, but all met the Army Air Corps legibility specification only having 4 large numerals on the dial (12~3~6~9) and the winged Avigo logo. The word "Avigo" was made up by Elgin, which also sold aircraft gauges under the Avigo line.

The Sizer 10kt gold watch, Model 1458, is one of the last versions of the Avigo, featuring a swept second hand and an Elgin "winged logo". Although it has the large  12~3~6~9 numerals, it is the only model that does not have the word "Avigo" on logo.

Sizer's 1935 Avigo is 100% original, including the leather band. The dial has never been cleaned or touched-up (which is very unusual for Avigos).

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