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Edith Lackner Weems Watch -- Research Notes....

Lackner - eBay Listing.jpg

Edith Lackner's Weems Second-Setting watch was purchased in April 2016 from eBay.  This was one of my "hit the jackpot" research efforts.  Simply typing in "M. Edith Lackner" into Google resulted in dozens of source hits; searching through produced dozens more.  Because of her status as the only child of a wealthy, socially-prominent Cincinnati family, the Cincinnati Enquirer featured frequent "Society Section" articles beginning when Edith was in her early 20s.  All of Edith's aviation achievements were covered in depth by the paper.  Her Southern Ohio chairmanship in Amelia Earhart's "Ninety-Nines" organization was also extensively covered. Edith's tragic death on October 29, 1938 was the Sunday Cincinnati Enquirer's headline news article; she died just 16 months after the disappearance of her friend and mentor Amelia Earhart.

The Longines Weems Second-Setting watch is one of the most famous vintage timepieces, because of its association with pioneering aviation navigation work of Lt. Commander Philip Weems, and his close collaboration with Charles Lindbergh. There are dozens of different variations on these watches, particularly during their production in WW2.  

I have found it very difficult to find "Time Capsule" watches belonging to women -- this is only one of three that I have been able to thoroughly document. (The second one is a military watch belonging to one of the first Navy WAVES, Lt. Elizabeth Lowther; the third was given to nine-year old Sally Jane Fagestrom as a Christmas gift in 1930).

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