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 Waddy's Wife Maxine Moody

“While living in New York City and playing professional football prior to America’s entry into World War II, he met Maggie Moody, a well-known blonde model who attended Oklahoma A&M, and the two fell in love. During halftime of a 1940 Brooklyn-New York Giants game in which he was playing, Young had the public address announcer voice his proposal to Maggie, who was sitting in the stands, and the two were later married.”

Maxine “Maggie the Aggie” Moody was Oklahoma A&M’s band queen. She and Waddy were married in 1941. Several years after Waddy’s death, Maggie married John Shirk, Waddy’s former Oklahoma football teammate and best friend. They lived in California, and were happily married until Maxine’s death in 1980.

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