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Chikara Masuda Biography-8

Masuda - Karen & Heny With Watch.jpg

Returning Chikara Masuda’s Watch

to Daughter Karen Chang (1):

I met with Chikara’s daughter Karen Chang and her husband Henry on November 12, 2019 at my home in Carpinteria, CA, and presented Chikara’s watch to her.

Masuda - Memorial Service Photo for Taka

Over lunch, we had a chance to talk more about her father and family.  Karen’s mom passed away at age 95 just a few weeks prior, and Karen will wear her Dad’s watch at the family memorial service scheduled for the weekend of November 15th.

After 75 years, Chikara’s watch is finally back with his family, and I know this will always be a tangible reminder of a great father and a true patriot.

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