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Donald H. Kitzman Biography-6: Contacting Major Kitzman

Holux - Kitzman -- With WW2 Photos.jpg
Holux - Chico Air Field - Higgins and Ki

Conversations with Major Kitzman

& His Daughter Sharon

In August 2019 I found information about Maj. Kitzman's daughter Sharon, and contacted her. She replied, "....I’m pleased to tell you that my father is 96 and still alive. He very interested in this message that you sent me. His recollection of events during that era are very vivid.”    

Sharon shared information about the Holux watch with her Dad, and arranged for a phone call with him in September. With enormous anticipation, I called Maj Kitzman, and had a great conversation with him.  At 96, his memory was still very sharp -- he even remembered his Air Force service number.  However, he did not remember any of the other five pilots on the Holux watch.

Over the next few months, Sharon provided me with enormous amounts of information about her Dad -- newspaper clippings, photos, etc. She even found a page from his Chico Air Base "44-A class book", which had a photo of Lt. Kitzman and Lt. Ben Higgins -- so they did know each other!

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