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Donald H. Kitzman Biography-2: Stationed in England

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Lt. Kitzman -- B-17 Co-Pilot

After graduating from Douglas AAF, Kitzman received additional training as a B-17 pilot at Pyote TX  before being assigned in June 1944 to the 332nd Bomb Squadron / 91st Bombardment Group at Bassingbourn, England (famed as “The Ragged Irregulars of Bassingbourn” ). 

He was assigned as a co-pilot for B-17 #44-6298, named “White Cargo / Heavenly Body” (named after two movies starring sultry Hedy Lamarr). Lt. Kitzman’s “White Cargo” plane is thoroughly documented in Ray Bowden’s book, “Plane Names & Fancy Noses”, including the B-17 painting by artist Tony Starcer (who painted many of the 91st Bomb Group’s aircraft, including the famed"Memphis Belle"…)

Holux - Kitzman - White Cargo Plane.jpg
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