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Benjamin A. Brew Biography-6

Presenting Holux Watch to Ben Brew's Nephew

Although the Blog post was from 2008, I was able to contact David von Rinteln and speak with him.  David is Benjamin Brew’s nephew; David's mother was Ben's step-brother. Ben's two step-brothers are now in their 80s, and remember Ben as their “older brother”.  The additional photos and information about Benjamin are from his archives.

I met with David in February 2016, and turned over care of the watch to him.  To paraphrase the Patek Philippe ads, “You never actually own a watch…you just take care of it for the next generation”. I am so happy to have come across this watch, and that I am able to entrust it to Benjamin Brew’s family.  I hope that this will help to keep his memory alive

 Memorials to Benjamin Brew

"I learned that his name is on the wall of the missing at the Cambridge American Cemetery. The curator filled in the name with sand from Omaha Beach in order to get a better photo, a fitting tribute."  (David VonRinteln)

Holux - Brew - England Memorial.jpg
Holux - Brew - Gravestone.jpg
Holux - Brew - David Von Rinteln.jpg
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