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Lt. George J. Hatch Biography

Lt. George J Hatch Biography-4: Stories from Stockwell Memorial

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 These Are Our Sons: The Stockwell War Memorial

by Naomi Louri Klein

Naomi Lourie Klein has lived in the Stockwell district of London for 30 years. In 2010, she wrote a book, These Were Our Sons, honoring the 574 local men who were killed in WW1, and whose valor was honored by the Stockwell War Memorial (  Naomi researched each of the 574 men, including George John Hatch; the following information is from page 95 of her book

I corresponded with Naomi via eMail, and she provided me with a treasure trove of additional photos of Lt. Hatch (which are displayed in the "Hatch Photo Gallery" section). She also updated her website to include information that I had provided to her. 


Thank you, Naomi, for preserving the memory of the brave men of Stockwell!

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