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Maj Eugene Buehler Biography - 1

Major Eugene Buehler: Camp Travis Service

Dr. Eugene Buehler was a prominent Indianapolis physician, public health secretary, and medical officer in both the Spanish American War and World War I. He was born in Philadelphia, but moved to Indianapolis in 1896.


Dr. Buehler was an assistant surgeon with the 160th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish American War, and served in Cuba during the winter of 1899. In 1904, he was appointed the Secretary of the Indianapolis Board of Public Health, and served that position until 1910.  After returning to private practice, Dr. Buehler volunteered to join the WW1 Army Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) as a Major in September 1917, and served as the Sanitary Inspector at Camp Travis, TX from March 1918 until October 1919.

Upon joining the MRC,  Major Buehler purchased this beautiful 14K gold, 17 jewel Illinois dress watch, and had it engraved, "Maj Eugene Buehler ~ MRC ~ Indianapolis Ind"

buehler -  detailed photo and watch.jpg
Buehler - Watch Dial.jpg
Buehler - Watch Inscription.jpg

Eugene Buehler wearing his watch at Camp Travis 1918

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