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Capt. David A. Breese Biography-6

Returning Capt. Breese’s Watch to Nephew Ivan Breese


I received an email from England in January 2023 from Wendy Breese:

"Good Morning, My name is Wendy Breese. I am married to Ivan Breese, who is David Breese’s nephew. (Ivan’s late father Roger John Breese was David’s brother). I would dearly love to reunite David’s engraved Orator watch back within the family.

Ivan is a very proud Military man, having served 17 years in the RAF, and I know it would mean an awful lot to have such a personal item back within the family for it to be further cherished….."

Wendy, Ivan, and I had several wonderful Zoom meetings shortly thereafter. Ivan Breese and his family grew up near his Uncle David:

“My Uncle David was a very quiet, gentle and friendly chap who always had time for everyone around him especially family, he was very quietly spoken and did not mention anything of his wartime exploits until prompted usually by me.

I was curious and interested about his wartime service because I had seen a photo of him and his wife Gwyneth and his mother Rhoda at Buckingham Palace receiving his MBE. He told me what Regiment he was in and his role which fascinated me, but he did not go into detail and I didn’t pursue him further. It was not until years  later when I was eighteen and applying to join the Royal Air Force (RAF) that more information was gleaned from my Father about Uncle David’s illustrious career.

Once again Bob, we can't thank you enough for what you have achieved not only for the Breese family but for all the families you have helped, history carries on and is kept alive by your hard work and dedication."


After 75 years, Capt. David Breese’s Orator is re-united with his family. Ivan is looking forward to sharing the watch with his brothers, sister, and fellow RAF servicemen.  

“You never actually own a watch…you merely look after it for the next generation….

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