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Lt. Allen's Mido MultiFort Watch Gallery

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Mido Watch Company

“The Mido Watch Company was founded in 1918. The name "Mido" comes from the Spanish "to measure". It is pronounced "Me-doe", not "My-doe".

Mido significantly changed direction in 1934 when they introduced the Mido Multifort watch. This watch was waterproof, anti-magnetic and impact resistant, and provided the Mido brand with a totally new image of serious watchmaker. In 1935 the Mido Multifort Automatic was introduced, bringing together for the first time the four features of self winding, watertight, anti-magnetic and impact resistant.

This was very early for a watch with all these features. The Multifort series became the best selling Mido watch until the 1950s.

The Mido Multifort was heavily advertised to WW2 soldiers because of its ruggedness and durability.

The waterproof cases for these Mido watches were supplied by Taubert & Fils, who had taken over The Borgel Watch Case Company 1924. The cases were the Decagonal waterproof design having a screw back with 10 flats and cork sealing for the winding stem. 

The impact resistant qualities of the Mido Multifort were conferred by the Incabloc shock protection system that protected the delicate pivots of the balance staff from shocks.”

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