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Lt. Ethan Allen - Research Notes

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Researching Lt. Allen's Watch...

This was a interesting watch to research.  It took me almost a month to figure out Lt. E. W. Allen's first name; I finally googled "E. W. Allen" "us naval academy", and discovered "Ethan Warren Allen" was a 1927 academy graduate. Then, the floodgates opened up on and, and I found many articles & photos about his distinguished career.

And then, my googles starting displaying Ethan Allen's information in conjunction with the "Zodiac Killer".  I learned that Ethan's oldest son, Arthur Leigh Allen, had been the primary suspect as California's Zodiac Serial Killer for many years.


Author Robert Graysmith wrote two books about the Zodiac Killer; there have also been movies & television shows trying to identify him. Ethan and his family had moved to Vallejo, CA after his retirement in 1947 -- and that town was the epicenter for the string of brutal murders in 1969 / 1970.  Although Arthur Leigh went to prison for sexual offenses, he was never arrested for the Zodiac murders.

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